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How does the StrengthTool work?
Undo the clasp keeping the pin in place. Pull out the pin, remove the handle and collar. Add plates up to the desired weight. Replace the collar making sure it is locked into place. Attach the handle, insert the pin and do up the clasp. You're good to go.
What is the total weight capacity of the StrengthTool?
The StrengthTool is designed to hold over 135kg / 300lbs in total weight comprising of 5 x 25kg / 55lbs plates. This limit is not set by the structural integrity but rather by the length of the shaft. Any longer and you would be making holes in your floor doing swings.
There are many plate manufacturers out there with varying dimensions so you might fit more or less depending on which ones you use.
What exercises can I do with the StrengthTool?
Kettlebell swings, both two handed and one handed swings, deadlifts, goblet squats, two and one handed bent over rows - as many as your imagination will allow you to really.
Although the StrengthTool will allow you to do many conventional kettlebell exercises, you won’t be able to do them all due to the position of the weight plates. 
What is the StrengthTool made of?
The StrengthTool is made from solid, high grade Stainless Steel. This not only makes it extremely strong and hardwearing, but also anti-corrosive. 
The advantage of having it all made from the same material as opposed to having a coating is that should you accidentally get a chip or scratch, the underlying surface not only looks the same but has the same anti-corrosive qualities.
These valuable attributes are complimented by the fact that it also looks great. An eye catching edition to any gym. 
How much does the StrengthTool weigh?
The Olympic version weighs in at 10kg or 22lbs whilst the standard version clocks in at 6kg or 13lbs. It's solid steel folks. This is not a toy.
What are the dimensions of the handle?
The handle is 35mm thick. The inside is 80mm top bottom and 180mm side to side. There is a photo with all the measurements on the product page.