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StrengthTool - Hungarian Core Blaster - Plate Loaded Kettlebell - Olympic Size

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All Your Kettlebells In One

The StrengthTool is a Plate Loaded Kettlebell also known as a Hungarian Core Blaster. A StrenghtTool gives you the option to go from zero to hero by progressively increasing weight without having to buy another kettlebell each time you get stronger.

Save space. Save money. Get stronger.


Full Kettlebell set in one

Add Olympic 2" plates over 135kg / 300lbs* in total weight (plates not included)

High Grade Solid Stainless Steel

Smooth Finish 35mm Thick Handle

Handle Optimized For 2 Handed Swings

Quick and easy weight changes 

Includes collar to keep weights in place
          * (5 x 25kg or 55lbs plates - manufacturer dependant) 

    "The quality of the StrengthTool is excellent. It felt great swinging it and the grip was very comfortable with enough room for both my hands. It's a great bit of kit and I would highly recommend it."      Andy Bolton: Powerlifter. First man to Deadlift over 1000lbs. 7 times World Champion. 16 times British Champion 

    Lifetime Guarantee

    The StrengthTool is virtually indestructible. We are so confident in our workmanship that we offer a lifetime guarantee.
    We only ask that you use your StrengthTool as intended and not for other purposes like breaking down walls, hammering in nails, as a crowbar, anchor or any other activity that would cause obvious damage.
    Take care of your StrengthTool and it in turn will take care of you.

    Free Worldwide Shipping

    By warehousing stock strategically across the globe, doing away with fancy packaging and keeping things simple we are able to offer our customers free shipping.
    Whether you are freezing your privates off in the North Pole or sweating buckets in the Sahara we will get your StrengthTool to you - at no extra cost.

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